DAKIS: Digital Agricultural Knowledge & Information System

State-of-the-art technologies for
sustainable agricultural systems

The DAKIS project uses progressive digitization and field robotics to integrate ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity into modern planning processes, production and marketing. In two test regions ( Brandenburg and Bavaria ) the natural potentials as well as the social needs for ES and biodiversity are analyzed. Sensors and models are developed that enable the acquisition and simulation of ES in real time. The results are integrated in a software system. At the same time, new cultivation systems are being developed on experimental fields in Brandenburg that are tailored to small-scale heterogeneity, ES and biodiversity. The DAKIS system and the resulting agricultural landscape will be demonstrated on the basis of three integrated R&D projects (new sensor platforms, real-time models and cultivation systems). All activities are accompanied by foresight studies, sustainability and legal assessments. Regional project advisory boards will be established in the two test regions, which will actively help to develop and further develop DAKIS. At the end of the project there is a prototype of the DAKIS system that suggests options for action for the two test regions.

The DAKIS project in detail