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Prof. Dr. Bloch speaks in the “Neustart” podcast about agriculture 4.0

Our colleague Prof. Dr. Ralf Bloch from HNEE can be heard in the current episode of the “Neustart” podcast, where he talks about agriculture 4.0.

How digitization is changing viticulture in Saxony

Agriculture is changing, and so is viticulture. Will swarms of small, autonomous robots work our fields and vineyards in the future? How can humans and digital technology ideally complement each other in order to produce top-quality wines? Why can digital technology make viticulture more ecological and at the same time more resistant to climate change? I visited the Schloss Proschwitz winery and looked at the digital vineyard up close. – In part 2 you will hear a conversation with Prof. Dr. Ralf Bloch on Agriculture 4.0.

Source: Google Podcasts

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